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What malware may be bugging your computer?

Viruses, Trojans and Worms
Viruses, Trojans and Worms are malicious software programs that actively work inside a personal computer and are capable of deleting data or changing legitimate software programs to accomplish unlawful or harmful enterprise. These programs are generally inadvertently downloaded from the Internet and automatically program themselves to operate surreptitiously and unknown to the PC user.

Spyware and Adware
Spyware and Adware are programs that operate surreptitiously and unknown to the PC user to track Internet usage and/or to report Internet activity and surfing preferences to Internet marketing companies. These programs are generally not programmed to accomplish unlawful or harmful purposes but their presence and operation can result in significant slowing of a PC’s computing power and speed while tracking browsing habits and showing pop-up ads.

Spam is generally unwanted E-mail messages sent from advertisers. However, spam can be used to trick the PC user into downloading Spyware, Adware or Virus, Trojan and Worm software programs.

Phishing is spam E-mail messages that request personal or financial data from the user to be used for identity theft and other unlawful schemes.

Keyloggers record your keystrokes or take snapshots of your screen and are intended to provide the instigator a record of the computer user's personal computer use habits and information often for malicious and unlawful uses.

Fraudware invades your computer by sending up what looks to be a "Windows Security Alert" message claiming that your computer has been compromised. It impairs your computer in an attempt to scare you into giving your personal information to buy bogus or useless software online.

What can I do to protect my computer and my privacy from these threats?

Much of today’s malware is so malicious, using root kit technology, it can attach itself to key system files. Automatic spyware removal programs can remove spyware from general files, but cannot remove spyware from a key system file without rendering your system inoperable at the same time. Although you can use any or all of the automatic removal tools found in purchased or free anti-spyware software, or possibly use the "go back" feature included in the Windows Operating System, computer experts agree that ultimately the only way to completely eradicate all spyware and/or viruses from your computer is a complete system restore which removes everything from your hard drive before a re-install of Windows from a known, safe copy such as your Windows install disk. This is an extreme step that requires a software rebuild of your entire system.

Computer Redicare highly recommends that you protect your computer from this extreme condition by changing your online behavior. Following a few precautions to minimize the possibility of inadvertently downloading malware or viruses will go along way to protect your computer, your privacy and your sanity.

*Download Links for Privacy, Security & Productivity Software

Browsers & E-Mail:
Mozilla Firefox Browser:
Mozilla Thunderbird E-Mail:

Malware Protection and Removal:
Microsoft Defender:
Lavasoft Ad-Aware:
Spybot Search & Destroy:
A-Squared :

Norton Antivirus:
McAfee Antivirus:
AVG Free Home Edition:

Agnitum's Outpost:

Carbonite Online Backup:

" is a fully-featured open-source office productivity suite available as a free, extensible download for major platforms in over 90 languages. It is compatible with competing office suites. is developed, supported, and promoted by an international community operating from the website. stores data in the open XML file format adopted by the international standards body OASIS as the OpenDocument Format (ODF) and approved by the ISO as ISO/IEC 26300:2006." includes:

Writer: A fully equipped word processor and desktop publisher
Draw: A powerful drawing package
Calc: An All-purpose spreadsheet program
Impress: A Multi-media presentation creator
Base: Create, edit and maintain databases

*Disclaimer: Please enjoy the convenience of linking directly from this site to the publisher software download sites as recommended above , however be aware that downloading software on the Internet has inherent risks. All software titles whether public or private domain are provided by third party vendors and pursuant to their respective license agreements or other shareware arrangements between such vendors and the end user. The end user is solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of their own data and equipment used in connection with any of the recommended software. We will not be liable for any damages suffered in connection with the use, modification or distribution of downloaded software.

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